Q: What is KOZZEEWRAP™  made of ?  A: KOZZEEWRAP™ consists of two layers of 99.5 % Pure Polished Aluminium with a high tensile Polyethylene mesh for strength, this creates a Thermal Break between the two layers of Aluminum.

Q: What savings on my energy consumption can I expect?A: KOZZEEWRAP™ customers consistently receive between 15 – 45 % Savings and increased Comfort Level after Installation by a Certified KOZZEEWRAP™ Professional.

Q: Where is KOZZEEWRAP™ manufactured?                                                A: USA

Q:  Do I need other insulation when building my new home?                A:  Yes , on new construction R40 must be installed in the attic and R20 installed in your walls to pass building code. If KOZZEEWRAP™ is added it will significantly increase your comfort level and further reduce your energy consumption .

Q:  Do I need to remove existing insulation in my attic or crawlspace prior to KOZZEEWRAP™ being installed ?                            A: Existing insulation may have to be removed if it is mouldy, damaged or a noxious substance otherwise KOZZEEWRAP™ can be installed over the existing insulation.

Q: How much heat loss is through my attic?                                                     A:  Up to 80 % of all Heat Gain or Loss can occur through the attic.

Q: What does R value mean?                                                                                        A: The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry.The higher the number, the better the building’s insulation effectiveness. R-value is the reciprocal of U-value.

Q: Does KOZZEEWRAP™  have an R value?                                                         A: No KOZZEEWRAP™ does not have a specific R value, but reflects up to 97% of the heat and cold and has an R value equivalent of R38 plus.

Q: Can I use KOZZEEWRAP™ in Walls?                                                                   A: Yes, KOZZEEWRAP™ works excellently in walls.

Q: Can I use KOZZEEWRAP™ for my vaulted ceilings?                           A: Yes, KOZZEEWRAP™ is the perfect Radiant Thermal Barrier for vaulted ceilings. It is best to install KOZZEEWRAP™ when your roof is being constructed or when a new roof is being installed or when major renovations are in progress.

Q: Can carpet, lino, engineered flooring, hardwood, and ceramic or marble tile be directly installed over KOZZEEWRAP™ ?                       A: Yes; carpet, lino, engineered flooring, hardwood, and ceramic or marble tile can all be directly  installed over KOZZEEWRAP™  providing that a thin foam layer is sandwiched on both sides of the KOZZEEWRAP™.

Q: My floors are cold; can KOZZEEWRAP™  be installed over my cement floors in my basement?                                                                                A: Yes, KOZZEEWRAP ™ Stops cold rising up through cement floors .

Q: Will there be cold spots in locations around my home with KOZZEEWRAP™  installed?                                                                             A: No, cold spots Can Be Eliminated with KOZZEEWRAP™.

Q: My mobile home floor is always cold, will KOZZEEWRAP™ stop this ?                                                                                                                                              A: Yes, KOZZEEWRAP™ Can Eliminate your mobile home’s cold floor.

Q: Can KOZZEEWRAP™  be installed in my mobile home’s roof or ceiling?                                                                                                                                        A: Yes, there are two ways KOZZEEWRAP™  can be installed in mobile homes: 1) when the roof is being redone 2) strapping can be installed over your existing ceiling and KOZZEEWRAP™ can be installed and a new ceiling panel fitted.

Q: With most insulation there are always cold spots, will this occur with KOZZEEWRAP™ ?                                                                                                  A: No, once KOZZEEWRAP™ is Professionally Installed it does not matter where you are in your home, there will be no cold spots and the temperature in your home Remains Constant Throughout.

Q: How effective is KOZZEEWRAP™ ?                            A: KOZZEEWRAP™ is a very effective Radiant Thermal Barrier that reflects up to 97% of the heat or cool directly back into your living/working area.

Q: Do I need ventilation in my attic?                                                                           A: Yes, KOZZEEWRAP™ needs effective ventilation in the attic, the more ventilation the more effective KOZZEEWRAP ™ is. Most homes do not have proper ventilation in the attic, the use of Soffit and Ridge Venting is recommended for best results.

Q:  Can I install KOZZEEWRAP™ myself?                                                               A: No, KOZZEEWRAP™ is not a self installation product; KOZZEEWRAP™ needs to be installed by one of our Certified KOZZEEWRAP™ professionals.

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