Foil with Double Foam


Is a double sided Radiant thermal barrier sandwiched between two layers of foam with a peel off adhesive backing.

Designed to be used anywhere an air space is not available, such as on a cold concrete floor, and where noise is not a factor, where you can adhere it to a dry floor and then cover with carpet, lino, engineered floor or tiles it will keep you warm. This material creates its own air space,

Examples: automobile and truck headliners, reefer trucks, refrigeration & cold storage, folding garage doors, under carpet padding, insulation under roofing shingles, under roof deck and in-wall panel applications, boats, boat hulls etc.

plus many other applications.

54″wide x 50′  (225 sq ft)
kozzeewrap foil insulation


Technical Data

Low density closed cell polyethylene foam; foil membrane centre is composed of one sheet of 99.5% pure industrial grade aluminum 2 mills thick.

Material is Anti-Static treated.

Static Decay Properties:                Specification: 2.00 seconds max.

Actual: Positive                                   Negative

.07 seconds                .08 seconds

Surface Resistivity: Specification:       Not less than 1.00 x 10˄5

And not more than 1.00 x 10˄12 ohms/square

Actual Surface Resistivity:                    .005 x 10 ˄12 ohms/square

Standard sheet size: 4`6”x8` = 36 Sq Ft.

Fire Rating of Class B Class 2.

Flame Spread Index 35                         (ASTM E-84-90)

Smoke Developed Index 35                 (ASTM E-84-90)

Surface Resistivity:

Reflectivity 58%         (ASTM E408)

Emittance 42%           (ASTM E408)


Reflecting Warmth