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Keeping farm animals and livestock warm in the winter and cool in the summer is of vital importance.  KOZZEEWRAP™  products’ flexibility and ease of installation makes it the farmer’s problem solver.


A little known natural phenomenon called the “black-globe effect” has a pronounced stress factor relating to the cost efficiency (or inefficiency) of weight gain in meat producing animals and birds. Whether an animal is outdoors or indoors, in temperatures exceeding 78° F, it absorbs a tremendous increase in radiant energy from the sun. Although the animal may be confined to a building, the “black-globe effect” on the animal is the same as if it were actually 10 to 20° F higher than air temperature. Studies show that with the elimination of the “black-globe effect” through the use of reflective metalized film insulation, many improvements are immediately apparent. In the dairy industry, an increase of 10% or more in milk and butter fat production has been achieved. Also noted; a conception rate improvement of nearly 24%.

Broiler house feed conversions went from averages of 2.3 to 2.8 lbs. of feed per lb. of bird to a much improved 1.99 feed conversion.

Many growers are finding that their animals grow faster and more efficiently after installing KOZZEEWRAP™.  Death losses from heat are greatly reduced. The illustration above shows how an animal can be heated in the summer by solar gain  even though the air temperature may not rise much. In winter, using reflective foil,  indoor heat is reflected back into the living space to produce greater comfort and energy savings.


Up to 85% of the heat loss from a greenhouse occurs at night. Using a KOZZEEWRAP™ thermal blanket to retain heat at night can be a very cost efficient investment.

Please contact us to describe your specific application in detail so we can calculate an R-value and make recommendations for you.

Reflecting Warmth