“a pleasure to have the team working inside our house…”

At the beginning of June, 2013, a team of installers put “KOZZEEWRAP” in our attics.  It was a pleasure to have the team working inside our house as they were focused, clean and professional. I thought at first it would be difficult to work in our attic but they did an excellent job.  We have a split level home and had the upstairs insulated first.  It was a hot day and we were surprised that the difference in temperature in the house was immediate.  We soon had the downstairs insulated as well.

We have lived in our house for 10 years and each summer it was too hot to sleep upstairs. This summer it has been very comfortable. Our air conditioner has run less on hot days.  We do not know what the effect of KOZZEEWRAP will be on our hydro bill in the winter, but judging from the summer time, I believe we will be pleased.

Thank you
Jim and Anthea

Jim and Anthea of Duncan, BC