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“has exceeded all expectations that I had…”

I am writing this letter to inform you that the Residential Material that was installed in my house  has exceeded all expectations that I had.

The only reason that I had the insulation installed in the first place was because my parents had gotten this same type of insulation in their house. They told me irow good this new generation insulation had worked and that I should have the same type installed in my own house.

It’s amazing how such a small piece of material makes such a big difference. I thought that the pink material that you roll out, and the insulation that is blown in, wouid be sufficient. It turns out that the residential material is much better.

I was able to see the drop in my utility bills both in the surnmer as well as in the winter. I now have a comfort level in my home that my family and i had never experienced before.

Arturo Herrera Jr.

“a pleasure to have the team working inside our house…”

At the beginning of June, 2013, a team of installers put “KOZZEEWRAP” in our attics.  It was a pleasure to have the team working inside our house as they were focused, clean and professional. I thought at first it would be difficult to work in our attic but they did an excellent job.  We have a split level home and had the upstairs insulated first.  It was a hot day and we were surprised that the difference in temperature in the house was immediate.  We soon had the downstairs insulated as well.

We have lived in our house for 10 years and each summer it was too hot to sleep upstairs. This summer it has been very comfortable. Our air conditioner has run less on hot days.  We do not know what the effect of KOZZEEWRAP will be on our hydro bill in the winter, but judging from the summer time, I believe we will be pleased.

Thank you
Jim and Anthea

Jim and Anthea of Duncan, BC




“KOZZEEWRAP is literally a blanket of all year round comfort…”

I have to say that KOZZEEWRAP is literally a blanket of all year round comfort. We firstly had our attic “wrapped” this July during a 3 week heat spell. Our thermometer read an average of 104 °F for the week prior to insulation. The day after, we began to register 72-74 °F. An incredible difference in comfort levels.

Recently, we had the exterior kitchen upstairs and our basement exterior walls “wrapped”. Now our baseboard heaters are not constantly “on” and the chill has gone.

During our whole home renovation I must say KOZZEEWRAP is one of our best investments and I highly endorse this product.

6th December 2013



“immediately impressed with the lack of drafts and the increased comfort…”

Early in 2012 we had a heat pump installed, having previously heated our home almost entirely with a wood burner.  We were persuaded by Derrick  to have  KOZZEEWRAP installed.

We were immediately impressed with the lack of drafts and the increased comfort level. The first hydro bill we received after installation was approximately 30% less than the previous two month bill.  If electricity were to stay at the same rate ( which it won’t) I estimate that the cost of the installation will be recouped in less than 6 years.

The other saving will not be in my pocket but it will be a slight reduction in my carbon footprint.  We would recommend this product and the installation team to anyone wanting to save money and to improve their personal comfort.

Bill and Mary
Cobble Hill BC
Wednesday January 16  2013